Ramp Systems: Customizable Integration Software to redefine Enterprise Structure

Brian Mozhdehi, Founder and CEO
Administering seamless transportation and logistics has always been an obstacle for manufacturers, distributors, and third-party logistics (3PL) players in their pursuit of developing a nimble and efficient customer oriented supply chain. “One of the core problems is the lack of a fully integrated solution in the logistics industry with regard to IT. Multiple challenges like the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), warehouse inventory control, and Transportation Management are often not resolved using a single solution,” explains Brian Mozhdehi, Founder and CEO, Ramp Systems.

“The necessary time and the associated cost in providing customizable solutions, especially in 3PL as pertained to EDI’s special requirements, have led to an increasing demand for ‘out of the box’ software solutions,” adds Mozhdehi. In order to solve these problems, Ramp Systems provides complete e-Commerce and Application Integration Solutions, designed specifically for the logistics, retail and manufacturing industries. The company’s key products— Interchange EDI and Enterprise WMS have redefined the enterprise structure, today, with their cost effectiveness and ease of use. Ramp System’s complete 3PL-based warehouse management solution (WMS) has virtually any feature that customers would ask for, including a built in retail, compliance segment and labeling. “Our robust solutions enable us to perform sophisticated and complex implementations with large organizations in a very short period of time,” quotes Mozhdehi.

Along with providing real-time inventory management with standard reporting capabilities, the product also has a built-in reporting tools that include prebuilt) standard and compliance related forms, replenishment, cycle counting, case picking, amongst other expected capabilities.

Interchange EDI is an end-to end integration engine that enables the ability to perform various EDI integration tasks that has a variety of communication protocols, commonly used in B2B enterprises like Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) and Service Delivery Point (SDP).
Catering to the needs of over 350 customers, across 10 counties, Interchange EDI creates a single passage with everything that one would possibly need within the gamut of integration— outside the firewall and within the internal applications. The highly configurable and rapidly deployable solution provides a complete support for all commonly used document types including XML and flat files.

Ramp Systems has leveraged its extensive industry experience and insight to help many notable clients, across the globe. For instance, recently a customer that used company’s competitive warehouse management system secured a profitable deal from a clothing retailer for which they required compliance labels and multiple billing formats. The client faced severe glitches throughout a period of 8-12 weeks and was unable to get their systems running. Ramp Systems helped the company implement a new management system that resolved the issue in a short period and got the project back on track in just 3 weeks. “In a situation, where the customer would have lost his business, we helped them retain a $6 million account by replacing a deficient system in a few weeks using our systems at a very reasonable cost,” reckons Mozhdehi.

We have been able to do implementations with large organizations and replicate functionality, costing thousands of dollars in a very short period of time, by providing more robust solutions

In the coming years, Ramp Systems would invest in building a TMS along with the existing products and find ways to drive additional capabilities that benefit their customers. “It takes commitment to constantly invest within the organization. We try to invest heavily in technology growth and we maintain that regularly,” asserts Mozhdehi. “At the end, providing a good product is what matters and we would continue to work towards achieving that goal,” he concludes.

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Brian Mozhdehi, Founder and CEO and Timothy Dalton VP, Sales and Marketing Patrick Walker VP, Professional Services

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