nuVizz: Offering Better Visibility through End-to-End Mobile Tracking Solutions

Sudhakar Maruvada, Co-founder, President & CMO
Sudhakar Maruvada, the Co-founder, President and CMO, nuVizz, has seen the evolution of logistics due to the growing customer needs. He says that in the past if someone has to buy something they had to visit the brick and mortar store, but now the whole scenario is changed with shopping-from-couch trend. “Such a need for easy buying has been steering the logistic market increasingly towards mobility,” remarks Maruvada. However, traditionally the business mobility was focused on mobile user interfaces for back-office systems rather than mobilizing work by design. “What’s more, today’s mobile off-the-shelf software addresses less than 10 percent of the market needs. Hence, to strategically mobilize your business, you traditionally had to build in-house or hire a consultant to help,” he adds. However, nuVizz has a more compelling way of addressing this issue and it is called “Mobile Work by Design” or “mWork”. It targets mobile information workers whose work processes are cumbersome or manually intensive, and tools of choice are Smartphones and tablets. “mWork is about designing work processes for mobility from the ground up, which has the power to change the way work is done—making it more efficient and real-time, while elevating the customer experience,” says Maruvada.

A key component of mWork is an all-in-one mobile platform called mCore which includes app and device management, company app store, security, integration framework, design studio and a complete toolkit for app development. Built on nuVizz’s mCore platform is a mobile solution Delivery.

It that manages shipment activity and dispatch, delivery automation, shipment tracking and electronic proof of delivery. It completely automates the end-to-end shipment process from Transportation Management System (TMS) planned loads and routes to assignment, tracking and execution. It reduces business costs and improves operational efficiencies.

DeliverIt is a cloud based solution and requires no external hardware.
It offers complete shipment visibility, making available the details of where the shipments are and helps in reducing the number of phone calls and changing delivery plans. Also, the retailers can see immediate feedback on the acceptance of a work assignment by the trucker or service personnel on their mobile devices. It makes the whole shipping process a breeze with realtime work assignment check-in, track drive time to the destination, arrival at stops and detailed reports lodged by a recipient of a shipment, together with a claim, to the carrier of the shipment. DeliverIt helps capture Proof of Delivery (POD) on tablets and Smartphones and gets real-time information back to the shippers.

At nuVizz, we live and breathe mobile business software solutions by uniquely combining deep core process experience with mobile strategy and execution expertise

POD capture comes with exact location of signature (GPS co-ordinates) and time of signature. “So at any point of time you will know where your drivers are, the completed deliveries and the ones being worked on, along with a bread crumb tracking of their driving path,” says Maruvada. “We have also built this system on multi-business partner scenario. That is, you can assign the work to any 3rd party carrier by providing themaccess to the system,” he adds.

“At nuVizz, we live and breathe mobile business software solutions by uniquely combining deep core process experience with mobile strategy and execution expertise,” says Maruvada. The company works with clients to analyze their needs, share responsibilities and partner for success. “Our vision is for long term relationships with our clients. We service industries including transportation, retail, wholesale, consumer products group, e-commerce, and life science,” he concluded.


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Sudhakar Maruvada, Co-founder, President & CMO

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