Marathon Data Systems: Aiding Last-mile Transportation and Field Service with Proprietary Algorithm

Marathon Data Systems gold-marked its business tenacity this September, as it entered the list of ‘America’s fastest growing companies’ for the fourth year in a row. Holding three decades of expertise in providing technology solutions for field service companies in various industry verticals, the company’s score achievements of customer satisfaction and revenue growth come as no surprise.

Spearheaded by Chris Sullens, President and CEO, Marathon Data Systems enables mobile workforce companies to more effectively manage their field service, shipping and overall logistics networks to mitigate the complexity of the “Amazon Effect”—an effect described by Sullens as the rising demand among consumers for low cost or no cost delivery in the shortest possible timeframe while businesses serving them demand unprecedented visibility into the supply chain. “The key here is a tight integration between the schedule, the route optimization engine, the telematics/ GPS solution and mobile applications, delivered via a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure,” he explains.

Marathon Data Systems’ solutions integrate seamlessly with the company’s core work order management software. In the field service market, it offers a route optimization solution that leverages the firm’s proprietary OptiFIT technology to enable clients to build optimal plans for same day, next day or multi-day scenarios and provide automated suggestions for new work/orders in seconds. The company’s unique iOS and Android applications simplify account service for technicians/drivers and update information in the office and field devices in real-time.

Marathon Data Systems’ telematics/ GPS offering provides unparalleled visibility into a client’s mobile workforce, an example of which is the mapping of the planned route vs. the actual route taken. Improving fleet safety is another aspect of their solution. “By adding our driver behavior module–an integrated ‘buzzer’ in the cab that detects dangers– clients are reporting a sharp drop in the number of fleet accidents, thus contributing significant savings in insurance and repair costs, and most importantly, saving lives of their team members in the field,” asserts Sullens. The company’s Viamente route planning solution matches business resources to customer requirements, leveraging Marathon’s proprietary algorithms to account for many unique variables and maximize efficiency.
CIO VendorChris Sullens, President and CEO
Marathon Data Systems’ efficiency can be well narrated through the success story of Nourish LLC- a food delivery service company that deployed the Viamente route planning solution, which transformed the client’s prolonged routing process into a prompt procedure. “The system is clear, flexible, user-friendly, and can expand as we do. Customer service is always responsive, friendly and helpful,” comments Laura Neff, Owner of Nourish LLC. Supporting thousands of such eminent clients, Marathon Data Systems sets a benchmark in the logistics market with its innovative and rich solutions. Sullens summarizes the company’s competitive strategy in three terms- customers, processes and talent acquisition. “We excel in using beta and early access programs in the development process, which is a great way to test if the requirements and specifications we lay out are on target from a user’s perspective. These programs are more powerful versions of the traditional focus group, enabling real customers to utilize the product and provide feedback based on their usage, both guided and unguided,” he explains.

We offer several solutions in the field service market that are tightly integrated with our core work order management software

In coming years, Sullens envisages a robust roadmap for the company- “Our goal is for the Viamente Routing Engine to become the best decision support tool in the market, providing unique insights to clients that drive efficiencies by simplifying and streamlining operations and management.”

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Chris Sullens, President and CEO

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