Global4PL: Leveraging the Power of SaaS to Create One-Stop Solution

Sergio Retamal, CEO
Sergio Retamal is well versed with the complex equations of the logistics industry. This is what made him realize the scarcity of solutions to support In-Transit initiatives, during his carrier stint with a big corporation. “Our company wanted to launch a merge In-Transit initiative and there were no real solutions to support this type of program due to the large number of orders in a Just-in-time (JIT)/ Merge In-Transit and in global scope," recalls Sergio. Encouraged by his get-things-done traits, Sergio set out to develop software that could support this operation, which eventually led to the inception of Global4PL.

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, Global4PL today delivers supply chain solutions that help companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and reduce total supply chain costs. As the CEO of a company that is established to serve the logistics fraternity, Sergio feels that the sector is experiencing a dramatic change—the abundance of data. However, only a few companies with deep pockets are harnessing this data, often leaving out the small players.' What we provide are the tools and know-how to these small and medium sized companies that need support especially in the early stages," says Sergio.

Global4PL addresses the current needs of global supply chain visibility, traceability, document retention, document creation and global trade compliance. All of these are day-to-day responsibilities for any company that engages in international business, because they are subject to several legislative issues and operational issues on both sides of the ocean. 'We have so many regulations that software by itself is not enough– it takes the extra mile to review, cleanup and execute in our industry,' explains Sergio.

Their product, POHorizon is an SaaS solution which allows companies to create shipping documents, track their freight, retain necessary documents and stay in compliance with the U.S. import/ export laws. It is a plug and play offering powered by the cloud that enables seamless archiving of records on digital media.

The core of our tools provides a pair of extra hands, eyes and brainpower to keep managers informed and under control.

Reviewing clients’ export processes, ensuring proper classifications and minimal compliance risk with complete visibility, and helping companies in difficult countries to import, POHorizon is a one-stop for companies of all sizes. 'The core of our tools provides a pair of extra hands, eyes and brainpower to keep managers informed and under control in any tough environment,' Sergio explains. 'Being smaller helps us to be nimble and faster,' he adds. With the low number but large competitors in this industry, Global4PL always ensures that they exceed client’s expectations.

With boots on ground in the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Europe, Global4PL has helped many companies overcome their operational inabilities. In one instance while working with a large telecommunications manufacturer, Global4PL was pivotal in modifying the client’s supply chain footprint as the market and strategies rolled over new changes. Global4PL’s assessments (including geopolitical and process risks) and solutions improved the client’s intra-Asia shipping efficiency. Having met with officials at contract manufacturers and conducted packaging redesign, which resulted in 53 percent overall cost savings, Global4PL provided a supply chain visibility tool, POHorizon, to track the product movement at the part number level.

Moving forward Sergio hopes that Global 4PL becomes the backbone of the next set of large global companies. In order to do what companies such as eBay or Amazon have done in the U.S. on a global basis, the budding players require not only the IT and financial infrastructure but also a unique combination of legal savvy, logistics capabilities, and the willingness to navigate through a constantly changing customs environment.


Milpitas, CA

Sergio Retamal, CEO

Global4PL is a supply chain solutions provider that specializes in helping companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and demonstrate total supply chain costs