CSDP Corporation: Streamlining Processes for Better Traceability and Returns

Jerry Edinger, President and CEO
Obsolescence, repair, triage and return of goods are no longer a challenge for the logistics sector today. Designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost structures, the ecommerce sector has been transformed by the competitive advantages of Reverse Logistics. CSDP Corporation, a Service Relationship Management (SRM) software company leverages process-driven Reverse Logistics software solutions that provide in-depth, real-time visibility into inventory costs. “We look at myriad of technologies, whether hardware or software, from a multitude of angles. With these, we focus on the automation of human labor in all areas possible,” explains Jerry Edinger, President and CEO, CSDP Corporation.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) Corporation gives the manufacturing industry and third-party consumer organizations the ability to automate and optimize every aspect of post-sale service delivery, including field-service, infrastructure, and entitlement management to maximize profitability. “Established as a service-only company, the peaks and valleys in the services sector made us shift towards a services-led software company to help smooth out the ebb and flow,” explains Edinger.

CSDP provides an engineered cloudbased solution with its SRM software, for those who do not want to waste their time managing IT business and infrastructure. “Our work-flow tools in SRM give the clients the ability to modify their business processes to fit their contractual needs. We offer software that can be deployed in multiple ways,” quotes Edinger. Working towards unifying infrastructure and gaining market share, the company not only provides engineered cloud solutions but also leverages hosted solutions.

“We provide a lot of technology, from the safety stand point or automation of gathering information from the labor providers in logistics to avoid administrative burden,” narrates Edinger. Especially in the case of the trucking industry in the logistics sector which is plagued with several issues around enforcing driving time, the company uses RND material a unique technology to track and trace the quantity and condition of goods from one point to another.
"The track and trace capability reduces labor cost from the day to day profits and enables automation allowing the vehicle owners to focus on their core competency,” asserts Edinger.

CSDP’s long-term success of client partnerships is based on its responsiveness and speed-to-execution in the market. For instance, one of CSDP’s clients, a high-tech manufacturing company was facing soaring warranty cost, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced profitability, since they serviced their products by shipping entire spare parts to the customers.

Our workflow work flow tools in SRM give the clients the ability to modify their business processes to fit their contractual needs

After observing the client’s business and advising them to hire skilled staff, CSDP redesigned the processes. Using the company’s track and trace logistics solution, they ensured that the defective unit returned on time, since everything was entitled to the serial number of the original unit. “We started the implementation with a business process service reengineering and later sold the technological solutions to client to help reinforce the same in a controlled manner,” explains Edinger. As a result, the first time resolution had increased to a fair amount from 68 to 90 percent, leading to an increased customer satisfaction from 82 to 95 percent in 6 months and profitability up to 78 percent.

Moving forward, “We are in the process of a major product refresh, implementing newer middleware technologies that will bring some of Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft middleware elements to life from an automation perspective. With the advent of mobile technology in the labor space, we would focus on introducing innovative solutions that will not only take off the labor burden but will also have phenomenal changes in our clients’ lives,” concludes Edinger.

CSDP Corporation

Irvine, CA

Jerry Edinger, President and CEO

A provider of engineered cloud-based solution using SRM software