CarrierWeb: Tailoring Real-time Communication System for Driver Workflow

Norman Thomas, Vice President
Managing transportation workflow, streamlining operations, and providing near real-time information can be a pricey and time consuming process for most medium to largesized logistics businesses. One of the biggest challenges in the logistics industry is the ability to move freight fast, while reducing the investment in technology for the same. “A lot of companies plan to adopt better technology and they often don’t realize its worth until they purchase and implement it. The secret lies in having access to companies who provide innovative technologies and have a broader vision of the assets,” quotes Norman Thomas, Vice President, CarrierWeb. A true golfer at heart, Thomas’ vision is to implement the right technology at the appropriate place for businesses, just like he hits the ball with the best shot at a perfect angle.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, CarrierWeb focuses on enabling efficient communication between mobile assets and fleet managers. The company’s multi-lingual technology platform can process information on multiple languages and numerous platforms for easy comprehension. For instance, if there is a requirement for a Dutch dispatcher to communicate to a Spanish driver, the Spanish driver can check dispatching information in Spanish and the Dutch dispatcher can continue the process in Dutch. The company also provides advanced fleet management solutions, to easily locate, follow, and develop the activity of vehicles across multiple locations, through secure web portals.

The company’s in-cab fleet management solution, CarrierMate™ leverages unlimited data communication, driver workflow, electronic logging, driver activities, truck attribute navigation, and in-cab scanning via data networks. “We have a good grasp of what the data is, and we handle the same in a much better timeline compared to our competitors,” adds Thomas. The CarrierWeb solutions are tailor made to fit various levels of operations including reefer, trailer, and fuel management products.
Reefer management system creates a unique two-way control and management system called ReeferMate®, a stand-alone cost-effective solution that enables users to monitor and manage remotely refrigerated cargo and trailers. The product TrailerMate™ 150 enables users to track highvalue cargo independently of the driver, receive theft, and tampering notifications instantly via e-mail. The company’s fuel management solution, CarrierWeb®FuelGard™ is designed to provide continuous monitoring of fuel level in the tank along with functionalities that extend to reconciliation of fuel purchases to usage.

The CarrierWeb cost-effective fleet management solutions are used by various clients across the globe. For instance, the company has a customer who faced the problem of expanding their business operation, but had a safety score that prohibited that growth. The customer implemented the CarrierWeb solution and that allowed them to observe their drivers monitor their driving habits and quickly correct drivers who are not performing safely. This allowed the customer to positively affect their safety scores. An improved safety score enabled the customer to purchase assets and open up new locations.

We have a good grasp of what the data is and we handle the same in a much better timeline compared to our competitors

CarrierWeb believes in providing world-class information in the best possible way. “We support customers in North America, Brazil, China, Morocco and the Ukraine. Our vision is to continue growing these markets and expanding into other areas of business where the information management we provide can help our customers,” concludes Thomas.


Atlanta, GA

Norman Thomas, Vice President

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