Applied Data Consultants: Rendering Operational Efficiency to Uplift Business with GIS Intelligence

Jim Ward, President
Almost every business leverages diversified concepts for gaining operational efficiency within the infrastructure. The logistics industry reaches out to the next level with its key challenge to heed the liability of functionality competence both within and outside infrastructure. Jim Ward, President at Applied Data Consultants blends the idea of “business intelligence” to the devise of Big Data. “To achieve technology efficiency and turn big data into business intelligence, a challenge remains: integrating the various platforms on which that information is created, stored, or used,” says Ward. “Big Data is something that when managed correctly can contribute directly to operational efficiency. That operational efficiency can then be reflected within findings in an organization's big data, or business intelligence,” he continues.

Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Applied Data Consultants (ADC) is a web software and GIS consulting firm catering to the logistics challenges with its supervised analysis and know-how of minute details in the supply chain business. The company’s proficiency lies in its consulting expertise to provide cutting edge software solutions, designed specifically to uplift the clients’ business.

“While implementing the solutions, we make sure that the backbone of the solution is nimble and flexible to account for the subtle operational nuances across organizations,” asserts Ward.
ADC’s solutions are built on the latest web technologies to facilitate the integration and sharing of data across various platforms. The solutions are aligned with software partners to capture the operational snapshots and thus, swipe out the lagging visibility into the overall operation.

“We leverage technologies that allow us to build solutions cost effectively and flexible enough to stay current and viable. This has directly contributed to ADC’s success for so long,” reckons Ward. The key product offered by ADC–Elite ExTRA (Extreme Tracking and Routing Application)–is designed keeping in mind the minute characteristics to save quality time for the users.
The product is entrusted with sequencing deliveries automatically, keeping track of the drivers’ activities and providing actionable intelligence through the reporting mechanism. The entire system creates time-saving efficiencies within a portion of the users’ business that was managed ‘reactively instead of proactively’.

ADC’s life blood revolves around staying current with technology; so we always seek to innovate and provide new and better ways to make technology work for our clients

Assisting clients for two decades now, ADC’s efficiency can be showcased by the success story of Gold Cross Courier Service Inc., a courier company headquartered in Eau Claire. The client required a system to drive improvement in accountability, while increasing efficiency and organizing the executives. ADC leveraged Elite ExTRA to tackle the client’s dilemma with holiday residential deliveries and their contract with a local hospital. For the residential deliveries, ExTRA allowed the drivers to get optimized routes instantly, followed by automatically sending a PDF to the customer,carrying details like the pickup person, time of delivery, and many more. For the hospital contract, a completely customized solution called Recurring Routes was built, holding customized features for robust profitability and accountability reporting.

ADC’s team of dedicated employees work relentlessly on the latest technologies to bring out the best solution for the clients, which Ward suggests as the biggest differentiator for them. “ADC’s life blood revolves around staying current with technology; so we always seek to innovative and provide new and better ways to make technology work for our clients.”

Applied Data Consultants

Eau Claire, WI

Jim Ward, President

Provides cost-effective logistics solutions and products to tackle the technological challenges and render visibility into the supply chain