Xceliware: Reliable And Convenient Warehouse Management Solutions

Jason Stern, President
Supply chain management is critical to achieving business goals for any business. So many companies have recognized the importance of an efficient supply chain and are using it to beat their competition thanks to their improved customer service and lower internal costs. Keeping track of inventory (both raw materials and finished goods) helps purchasing know what to buy, sales know what they can sell, customer service know what they can communicate, the warehouse team know where to find the goods to ship, and provides management accurate information for better decision making.

Xceliware, a company offering a wide range of Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions, has successfully demonstrated its ability to help companies gain control of their inventory and supply chain. Today, Xceliware is leading a pack of the giant companies in this field. The inventory and warehouse management systems offered by Xceliware are known to precisely integrate with the major ERPs used by most businesses such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Quickbooks.

Their solutions are provided to companies that experience missing goods in the warehouse, high labor costs, or any operation that simply wants to better organize and operate their warehouse. And what truly sets Xceliware apart is their large portfolio of software that has different feature sets, sells at different price points, and that integrates into the major ERP packages. “Our large portfolio of solutions allows us to best serve our customers because we match the right solution to the customer rather than push a single solution into all of our customers,” says Jason Stern, President of Xceliware.
With its years of experience in the logistics space, Xceliware not only provides inventory and warehouse tracking solutions to businesses, but also helps to implement them. “Our customers come to us because we have a software solution designed for their ERP or environment, but by the middle of our implementations they tell us that the real value that we bring is our experience and professionalism, and that we can take care of the entire solution, including scanners, wireless, labels, etc,” comments Stern.

Xceliware and their experienced team have come through for more than 1000 companies in the industry, all with different needs. Companies with inventory at some point experience trouble tracking and controlling their inventory and assets. Xceliware sell the software and equipment to help them manage their inventory and assets. Originally just a reseller of barcode equipment (scanners, label printers, labels, and wireless, etc.), Xceliware has vastly expanded not only its product portfolio, but more importantly, the value that it brings to its customers.

Xceliware’s team is comprised of experts in operations, warehousing, and inventory control. The team brings to the customers software and hardware expertise along with general operational wisdom that comes from years of experience. “We brought in new management 4 years ago and developed a new strategy to always provide the best solution to our clients regardless of whether we wrote the software or not. Since that decision, our customers have been much happier and as a result our sales have continued to grow,” says Stern.

With Xceliware’s expanded product line, they now offer the most expansive portfolio of inventory and warehouse management solutions in the market. Regardless of their ERP, customers come to Xceliware to get a solution to manage and track their inventory, assets, and warehouse.


Orange, CA

Jason Stern, President

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