UltraShipTMS: TMS Solution For Private And Dedicated Fleet Management

CIO VendorNicholas Carretta, President
Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions are good at what they do, but very few push their own boundaries. Some are unreasonably costly and others have loopholes in synergy that hinder their ability to function at full capacity. UltraShipTMS’ software compensates for those flaws, handling more complex inbound shipping than most other solutions in their market. It lowers costs by not requiring shippers to rely on additional fleet management tools, as it contains exceptional functionality for private fleet management as well as common carrier management. Ultra’s solution not only enables integration with all communications protocols used by shippers including EDI, but also offers a web-based portal for additional channels of carrier and vendor communication.

Ultra is an award-winning company that offers top-notch logistics and transportation management solutions. One of them is UltraShipTMS, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that basically automates transportation management processes. It helps manage drivers, assign drivers to loads, view reports on idle drivers, easily access directions and shipment notes, and it performs reverse logistics. Their LoadFusion Transportation Optimizer is a cloud-based optimizer that consolidates freight into better shipments and routes by building real world shipments for real savings.

While UltraShipTMS is valued by many verticals, it receives a lot of traction with food shippers and retailers in particular. They enjoy the significant benefit of having a tool that addresses private fleet management challenges in addition to those of inbound and outbound common carrier shipping which is exceptionally useful for food shippers, many of whom are heavy users of private or dedicated fleets.
Additionally, their LoadFusion optimizer is built on a proprietary algorithm that is virtually unmatched by any other optimization tool out there. As other TMS sources will often lean on offshore development resources or resources with no prerequisite knowledge of transportation, UltraShipTMS is built and supported by engineers who come from strong transportation backgrounds. The people behind the Ultra solution possess an innate understanding of what needs it must satisfy to be useful to transportation users.

The company performed its most exemplary work through one of its clients: a leading dairy producer. The producer’s workflow was dependent on manual processes, some of which included an excess of man-hours dedicated to load and route planning, complicated product planning, and a lack of integration between order management and fleet telematics tools. When UltraShipTMS was called upon, they implemented the LoadFusion system, which was configured specifically to their needs. It recorded specific pick-up windows preferred by each farm, protein and hormone levels of delivery-ready milk, daily demand levels at client plants, DOT regulation, union work rules, farm pick up requests and the number of trucks in the fleet. The route optimization saved the client 10 percent on transportation and improved demand planning by 8 percent. It also cut down their planning time by a grand total of 90 percent.

“Ultra has come a long way from its conceptualization in the heads of a few transportation executives. Every member who joined this organization brought a piece of their real-world experience with them and applied it into the constructive development of the industry’s best TMS software,” says Nicholas Carretta, President of UltraShipTMS. The company has accomplished its goal in pushing the envelope with the advanced functionality of products such as LoadFusion, and they continue to strive for greatness with the evolution of their product.


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Nicholas Carretta, President

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