TransLogistics: Redefining Logistics Through Innovative Managemen

CIO VendorScott J. McDevitt, Founder & CEO
Not many logistics solution provider companies can tout that their customers stay with them for an average of 10 or more years like Translogisitics, Inc (TLI). Headquartered in Birdsboro, PA, TLI works in a consultative capacity with its client companies that range in size- from small, local manufacturers, to some of the largest international corporations in the country.

Translogistics Inc., is quickly becoming one of the industry leaders in technology with its revolutionary Transportation Management System (TMS), ViewPoint. ViewPoint seamlessly allows users unparalled access to their transportation data. Using the systems real time tracking module, customers can be sure that their shipment is accurate and timely, even when carrier EDI status updates aren’t. The imaging module actively harvests and stores all documents automatically for 5 years, and rating and scheduling shipments is a breeze with ViewPoint’s scheduling module. Even future business planning is made easier thanks to the invoice analysis module that provides a fully visible and detailed shipment history.

ViewPoint empowers our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition

TLI understands that each business is distinct and has its own set of challenges. To meet the unique needs of the client, the company developed a Logistics Optimization Analysis tool that dissects and carefully analyzes every internal and external logistic process and identifies specific areas of improvement. This tool also provides full visibility to scrubbed invoice shipment data. TLI also fully mitigates a resolution for all invoices.

“ViewPoint enables customers to not only control their costs but also help them to secure new business while easily retaining the business they already have. It empowers our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition. And, should a customer have a special need, TLI has the ability to design an application to meet it,” says Scott J. McDevitt, Founder and CEO of Translogistics, Inc.

While TLI has grown leaps in its technological advancements, loyal customers who have been with them for years know them for their continued commitment and dedication to providing the best customer service in the industry. “I would like to assure our clients that as we serve you today, we are continuously searching for new and improved ways to serve you tomorrow,” says Scott. “Our unique focus on customer service, our comprehensive list of services, and our innovative management techniques are in fact redefining the logistics industry as we know it.”


Birdsboro, PA

Scott J. McDevitt, Founder & CEO

Develops logistics program tailored specifically to manage distinctive processes that make a business unique.