ShipTransportal: Logistically Possible Solutions For Every Shipping Need

Michael Osborne, Founder & President
Today, companies are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, profit margins and most importantly increase customer satisfaction. ShipTransportal, founded by Michael Osborne, is a company that specializes in providing transportation management solutions utilizing industry-specific strategies to deliver remarkable customer value.

ShipTransportal believes executives are tired of being bystander when it comes to one of their largest expenses – distribution. Shippers want answers and actionable data to help them drive impactful change within their organizations.

No longer does ShipTransportal just provide executives access to standard KPI’s like on time pick-up and delivery ratios, they show patterns that highlight why the shipments are late. They no longer just provide a static routing guide that highlights the cheapest carriers, but they provide tools and processes for allocating freight in a way that incorporates capacity commitments and carrier performance levels.

It addition to showing executives what their freight costs were at the end of the quarter or year, they show freight costs in terms of ongoing up and down trends. They offer executives and their teams with the ability to drill down to the root cause of the trends. For instance, they provide answers as to how new trucking regulations such as changes to driver hours of service will impact customer deliveries. They show customers how changes in their environment such as changes in fuel costs, new product mix, or new customer markets are impacting margins.

They help companies to be forward looking. In some cases, they model what will the impact of new contracts will be.In others, they show how incorporating new DC's or removing existing DC's will impact service time, freight costs.

Historically, this level of information is only available by agreeing to complete transportation outsource or by entering into an expensive and time consuming consulting engagement.

Fostering a robust network of quality employees, key alliances, and strong partnerships

ShipTransportal has invested in the processes and tools to provide the next level of visibility quickly, independent of whether or not they are performing the actual execution of the freight.

The recipient of “supplier of excellence”, ShipTransportal builds its strategy based on fostering a robust network of quality employees, key alliances, and strong partnerships that maintain a customer-oriented focus at all times.

A large array of clients from diverse industries have benefitted from significant cost reductions vs. traditional approaches as ShipTransportal provides the next level of actionable data to support negotiations of the best available contracts, superior tracking software, and selecting the most efficient means of shipping. The company differentiates itself by serving its varied clients with customized individual strategies to best serve the specific goals of a client’s business.

In the years to come, ShipTransportal plans to focus on advancing their presence as a leading logistics provider in the health care, printed product and general commodity industries. “At ShipTransportal, we are supported by years of experience, a depth of industry knowhow, and superior commitment to producing results.

ShipTransportal has become one of the most trusted and reputable shipping management solutions providers in the U.S.,” says Osborne. Through its commitment to problem-solving, ShipTransportal aspires to make all of clients’ shipping needs “logistically possible.”


Davidson, NC

Michael Osborne, Founder & President

Providing transportation management solutions utilizing industry specific strategies.