SDI: Integrated Supply For MRO

Andy Cvitanov, CEO
SDI, founded in 1971, is recognized as the innovator and pioneer of integrated supply for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations). Through SDI’s fully integrated supply chain services or an e-procurement program, a seamless solution connects all of client’s facilities in one system. The company acts as a computing cloud for MRO processes through a single MRO supply chain management program that results in a consistent, standardized supply chain management program enterprise-wide. The company offers technology for data collection, warehousing and management.

SDI has diverse clients ranging from multi-plant manufacturing enterprises to world-class universities. For instance, one of the largest food confectionery companies in the world wanted an MRO partner who could strategically drive efficiencies and operational excellence across all of its 8 facilities.
The company turned to SDI who delivered an integrated supply program in all 8 sites, including strategic sourcing, procurement, inventory optimization, storeroom operations and ongoing savings to the client. In addition to building an interface with the client’s existing system, SDI created a transition plan with operational stability at each site within 90 days of opening. SDI successfully implemented all eight sites in less than six months that resulted into a total net savings that exceeded the first year target of 10.5 percent and the client has expanded the program to include OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) material.

“By offering a complete, fully integrated supply chain management service for MRO materials, we have transformed the traditional role of MRO within an organization into an opportunity to drive meaningful outcomes through our solutions-driven approach,” says Andy Cvitanov, CEO at SDI.


Bristol, PA

Andy Cvitanov, CEO

Offers a complete, fully integrated supply chain management service for MRO materials.