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CIO VendorRobert E. Sanchez, CEO
One man’s vision and a $35 down payment on a Model A Ford truck, launched a company that has now become one of the world’s leading providers of commercial fleet management, supply chain and dedicated transportation solutions. Ryder System, founded by Jim Ryder, is a provider of commercial transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solutions, serving customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Ryder System’s products and services encompass everything from fleet management to large-scale supply chain solutions and turnkey transportation solutions, making commerce flow more efficient, reliable, and safe for everyone. Ryder Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) provides leasing, truck rentals, used vehicle sales, maintenance, fuel and safety services to help customers deliver top-line service with bottom-line savings and one-stop simplicity. Ryder Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) manages the flow of goods from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Ryder Dedicated provides turnkey transportation solutions that combine vehicles, drivers, routing and scheduling to help businesses run lean, stay safe and increase agility.

The company provides solutions based on industries and capabilities. It optimizes supply chain of its clients to meet their unique industry needs. The company operates across diverse industries ranging from aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer goods, energy and utilities, and retail. Ryder helps organizations improve process efficiencies and serve their customers more effectively with the help of a variety of supply chain capabilities to meet varying supply chain needs.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, a manufacturer of a wide range of global commercial vehicle products, serving many diverse markets with a number of replacement parts needed a well-synchronized logistics process. Bendix and Ryder, therefore, teamed up to streamline transportation and distribution activities.
The solution provided by Ryder resulted in increased efficiencies such as consolidating inbound and outbound domestic and international shipments, and adding cross-dock capabilities which helped Bendix to dramatically reduce their overall supply chain costs by $8 million.

Another client, Benteler Automotive, an automotive supplier that manufactures pre-finished components such as chassis, chassis modules, safety systems and exhaust systems on a just-in-time, just-in-sequence basis to its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) clients, turned to Ryder to find efficiencies and increase visibility throughout their network. Ryder provided Benteler with a full suite of operating efficiency solutions that lead to multi-million dollar savings in reduced inventories, 17 percent reduction in freight costs (first 18 months), increased flexibility in production scheduling, allowing changes up to 10 hours pre-production, and indirect cost reductions in reduced warehouse space, materials handling staffing and return damage

Ryder has earned a reputation for delivering solutions that ease complexity and increase efficiency

Ryder has been widely acknowledged to deliver bottom-line results. The company was named among Food Logistics’ top 100 3PL & Cold Storage Providers for providing essential transportation, logistics, warehousing, and distribution support for the food and beverage supply chain in 2013. In the same year, Ryder was selected as a recipient of the MVE (Most Valuable Employers) for Military for its recruiting, training and retention plans that best serve military service members and veterans. “Ryder has earned a reputation for delivering solutions that ease complexity and increase efficiency for companies of all sizes and across different industries,” said Robert E. Sanchez, CEO at Ryder.


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Robert E. Sanchez, CEO

Provider of commercial transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solutions.