PINC Solutions: Automating Yard Operations

CIO VendorMatt Yearling, CEO
PINC Solutions, headquartered in Alameda, CA pioneered the integrated use of passive Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) with GPS technologies to track trailers and shipments. Their cloud-based Yard Management and Transportation solutions provide real-time visibility of shipments across the supply chain. These solutions work together to provide an end-to-end view of all shipments and integrate with existing back-end third-party applications for transportation planning, warehouse management and enterprise resource planning.

PINC’s turnkey solutions provide customers with insight into their business process execution, labor or asset utilization, and inventory levels. This information provides a ‘system of record’ needed to facilitate collaboration between all parties involved in the shipment process. This increased transparency is the basis for improving supply chain execution and allow companies to efficiently orchestrate shipment activities.

Cloud-based delivery by PINC allows companies to rapidly deploy solutions without the up-front capital costs and lead times associated with traditional on-premise alternatives. PINC’s customers include Kraft Foods, Daimler Trucks North America, Nestle, Supervalu, Kimberly-Clark and Cost Plus World Market. Through the use of the information provided by PINC, 3PLs are able to deliver additional efficiencies to their customers. 3PL customers of PINC include Exel and own DSC Logistics.
PINC serves manufacturing, retail distribution, food & beverage, and automotive industries. Daimler Trucks North America for example, use PINC to track parts inventories and finished vehicles across multiple locations in the U.S. and Mexico. PINC has helped Daimler to optimize yard operations, gain cost savings and provide the required visibility into their high-value inbound logistics inventory.

“Customers are typically looking for increased velocity and cost optimization with better visibility. They often deploy in one location and rapidly expand across their network to take full advantage of our ability to track assets and resources across an extended pool of resources,” says Matt Yearling, CEO at PINC.

PINC’s technology allows companies to manage shipments across multiple locations and organizations. The company’s goal is to facilitate commerce by enabling their customers to move inventory faster through the supply chain. The key is to make customers’ yards more efficient and connected, resulting in higher operational confidence and predictability. PINC's future is bright as it sets to expand the scope of its solutions serving the broader supply chain execution market.

Simplifying yard management with real-time trailer tracking

PINC Solutions

Alameda, CA

Matt Yearling, CEO

Providing visibility into shipments across transportation network, enabling informed actions on the ground.