myFreightWorld Technologies: Cloud Apps For Freight Management

Kevin Childress, CEO
Today, even after the great leaps in technological advancement, most freight and transportation service providers can't deliver a complete solution to third party logistics companies. MyFreightWorld (MFW), headquartered in Overland Park, KS, specializes in providing technology, transportation and supply chain management services to third party logistics managers (3PLs) along with transportation intermediaries of all types and sizes.

Leveraging its proprietary cloud-based software platform, MFW provides its customers with cloud-based TMS solutions that help them to improve logistics operations and reduce costs in all areas of freight management. These TMS solutions enable customers to optimize carrier selection and dynamically inquire their shipments to provide complete visibility to shippers, consignees and other interested parties during the entire shipment life cycle and for all aspects of the load such as location, ETA (estimated time of arrival), shipping documents, and carrier and customer invoices. The company’s applications are available on a ‘private label’ basis as individual apps or as a complete transportation management system (TMS). They can be deployed as web applications or can be easily integrated into a client’s enterprise system through web services.

MFW provides automated client management services in addition to its core technology to do-it-yourself clients. Client management offers professional logistics know-how and support services to clients during each shipment. The company also delivers Web Services either as a query service or API (application programming interface) through SOA (service oriented architecture) protocol that can be easily integrated into client’s existing ERP or other enterprise system. The key advantage of the SaaS based applications provided by the company is that there is no need to write any code or modify the system.
MFW’s applications are language agnostic and allow the company to exchange data with their customers directly on the web.

The core competencies of MFW include highly responsive outsourcing of administrative support, efficient RFP (request for proposal)/bid management for less-than-truckload and truckload transportation, and trucking network development.

MFW serves clients across industries, primarily in the United States. For instance, a publicly traded company and a long time customer of MFW was endeavoring to get more of their independent agents to move less than truckload (LTL) freight over MFW’s systems since less than truck load has lots of problem and agents often give up on it. The existing model that they had was a self serve one. MFW implemented a program to solve the client’s problem through the provision of MFW customer service resources to help solve typical LTL issues. The solution is expected to result in more business for the client, and in turn for MFW. MFW often involves a high level of customer service as well as heavy use of sophisticated technology platform in their solutions.

“MFW believes that there are huge opportunities waiting ahead of us in LTL market as the total truckload and LTL business in U.S. is currently around $100 billion. The business is divided into approximately 60-40 percent in truckload and less than truckload and we will explore this opportunity with our technology which is durable, reliable and customer friendly. We will continue to drive efficiencies, and make less than truck load business as uniform and efficient as possible,” says Kevin Childress, CEO of MFW.

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Overland Park, KS

Kevin Childress, CEO

Providing cloud-based software platform that improve logistics operations and reduce costs.