MercuryGate International, Inc. Automating Transportation Management

CIO VendorMonica B. Wooden, CEO
Supply chain professionals face challenges in dealing with transportation management system that provides solutions without understanding the real complexities of logistics operations and processes. This results in overly complex installations with unnecessary multi-step methods and screens.

“Our software, MercuryGate TMS, is an affordable transportation management system that handles all levels of complexity,” says Monica B. Wooden, CEO at MercuryGate.

MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to be an operations level, missioncritical, planning and execution logistics solution. The company provides a lower cost and lower risk method of solution implementation that allows logistics managers to see immediate results without the large upfront outlays usually associated with new technology solutions.

MercuryGate TMS allows third party logistics (3PLs) to support multiple business models with varying processes from a single platform. It leverages transportation across multiple customers, reducing costs and maximizing profits.

The company’s enterprise TMS provides optimization across all modes, including parcel, to select the best available mode, carrier, route and rate for every shipment giving a competitive edge. It enables real-time information flows between shippers, customers and their associated business partners in their supply chain – giving shipper the ability to monitor and manage business.

“In our enterprise transportation management system, we support all modes from parcel all the way through rail. This provides a single platform for customers to handle both in-bound and out-bound transportation across all modes,” says Wooden.

The company provides the right tools to automate processes while sharing data easily with partners and agents and bringing visibility and simplicity to forwarders working in an extremely complex, manual, paperdriven environment, involving multiple languages and currencies. MercuryGate, additionally, provides route optimizer that points out every possible opportunity to consolidate shipments that will minimize miles, costs and CO2 emissions; carrier management system that manages the processes to collect data, approve carriers, analyze carriers' capabilities and create alerts when conditions require attention; and a full-featured load and truck posting service that provides the most intuitive approach to posting, searching and matching freight with available equipment.

Since its inception in 2000, MercuryGate has developed a broad spectrum of clients like and Bed, Bath and Beyond, MIQ, OHL, and JP Hunt. The company has strong traction in the retail space and in the manufacturing and distribution verticals space. For instance, CytoSport, a premier manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional supplements needed a robust TMS that would help automate their day-to-day operations and decrease freigh spend and should match the company’s rapid growth and be scalable, adaptable and reusable. CytoSport deployed MercuryGate’s solution and achieved significant savings in freight costs well over 20 percent in the first year alone and continues to save year over year.

MercuryGate has clients in Europe and have expanded greatly into Asia and the Middle East. Holding on to its core belief - speed to market, speed to implement, and speed to integrate, the company lays its strategy based on its ability to do even faster implementations than it currently does.

“Our software is global. So we are continuously enhancing it to support our international clients, as well as to support high-volume parcel. These continue to be two of our strategies that we are following so that we can continue to grow and expand”, says Wooden.


Cary, NC

Monica B. Wooden, CEO

MercuryGate manages multimodal international shipments from any origin to any destination.