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Samuel Levin, Co-founder
Whether an organization is new to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) or an experienced one, it can be difficult to keep up with the industry’s rapid advancements. MavenWire, founded in 2006, provides independent consulting services and hosting solutions to organizations for Oracle Transportation Management, Global Trade Management, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. MavenWire’s in-depth transportation industry experience and global presence, coupled with its extensive IT software application backgrounds, makes it particularly well suited to deliver logistics and supply chain consultancy.

MavenWire focuses on its core competency of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and its team has been working with OTM since its inception developing the product, helping the first clients successfully implement it, and creating a robust hosting environment. Through its steadfast and diverse experience, MavenWire has become the foremost leader in OTM technical services, including installation, performance tuning, scalability, and architectural design. Leveraging the company’s functional and technical consulting services, MavenWire provides onsite expertise, support for all levels of the application, and resources to train users to become experts themselves.

MavenWire offers multiple hosting levels tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, allowing it to successfully manage a large range of OTM customers from mid-market manufacturing companies, to Fortune 500 companies, and to global LSPs (Logistics Service Providers). MavenWire, with its partner Oracle, brings to the industry its SaaS offering, LogisticsWire. The solution allows organizations to allocate the expense of a TMS as an operational expenditure rather than a capital expenditure. MavenWire also offers ‘evolve,’ a single platform that supports the use of the evolve applications on a modular basis.
The evolve applications provide best practice solutions, and in doing so, reduces OTM operational running costs and empowers users.

The company serves over 60 clients worldwide, in a variety of industries, including Electrolux, Tesco, Giant Eagle, Elkem, and Exel. Entec Polymers, the largest of the Ravago Americas companies, is a leader in offering cost-effective material alternatives to the plastics processing industry. Entec operates multiple, full-service warehouses and distribution centres and needed a sophisticated system that could scale with Ravago’s growth, as its existing transportation processes were manual, ad-hoc or spreadsheet-based. A lack of automation left Ravago relying heavily on carrier websites for rates, with no easy way to compare the best pricing. MavenWire designed and delivered a solution to Ravago that optimized their current operations and positioned Entec and Ravago for future growth.

Offering a full range of functional and technical consulting services and hosting solutions

Offering a full range of functional and technical consulting services and hosting solutions, MavenWire has also developed pre-packaged solutions like OTM DELIVERED. The company also provides training and support services to complement its various offerings to include Global Trade Management, OBIEE and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

“With offices and clients all over the globe, our team of experienced consultants has the ability to adapt to your environment and find the right solutions for your unique business needs and goals,” says Samuel Levin, Co Founder of mavenWire.


Wayne, PA

Samuel Levin, Co-founder

Provides independent consulting services and hosting solutions to logistics companies.