iasset.com: Built In The Channel, By The Channel and For The Channel

CIO VendorScott Frew, President and CEO
The era of cloud-based solutions has begun. More and more companies are now moving towards cloud solutions as they offer a myriad of opportunities to businesses. iasset.com, founded in 2009, is a global provider of cloud-based software solutions, application development and professional services that help companies grow their business systematically.

As new technologies, commodities, and markets mature, customer retention and satisfaction becomes critical to maintain and dominate market share. The manufacturers and channels that represent these products face challenges to effectively manage the lifecycle of products.

Product Lifecycle Management Platform (PLM), offered by iasset.com address the challenges such as management of installed base and entitlements on product/services sold through an entire channel; creating a transparent supply chain of what was sold to whom, where it was sold and where it is located; removing manual administration in the transaction process throughout the supply chain; and building accountability of data integrity both within the organization and with external partners.

iasset.com’s services are unique and innovative as some of it actually carry the company signature. Such as SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, that makes sure of the lower cost of ownership, predictable expense, simplified deployment, simplified integration via APIs (Application Programming Interface), global accessibility and the scalability. “iasset.com encourages creativity and innovation, and dedicated time for our brightest minds to create something new and innovate each month,” says Scott Frew, President and CEO of iasset.com.

The primary vertical that iasset.com caters to is in the technology space. Manufacturers, software and SaaS vendors use the company’s SaaS platform to regain control of their channels, drive incremental revenue through better management of product lifecycle, maximizing reoccurring revenue and reduce cost through automation and efficiency.
Channels, such as distributors and resellers, use iasset.com’s solution to provide a consolidated approach to a range of products, suppliers, brands and solutions. The platform allows driving incremental growth in revenue through high renewal rates, greater scalability and reducing cost through operational efficiency.

The broad arena of clients that iasset.com serves include Telecom NZ Gen-I, Bridgestone, Sony, Loop Technology, P&G, Standard Chartered, and Schneider Electric.

For instance, an IT manufacturer was struggling to achieve 100 percent attach rate for maintenance contracts. In addition, its second- and third-year maintenance renewals were less than 40 percent. In effect, this vendor was leaving millions of dollars of untapped revenue in the channel.

When iasset.com’s solution was made available to the manufacturer’s channel partners, the partners were able to configure solutions easily. The outcome was an impressive increase in attach rate of about 99 percent and renewal rate of about 86 percent.

Built as a cloud delivered platform, iasset.com is able to scale exponentially and their team of highly skilled and experienced developers continue to innovate every day. Going forward, iasset.com’s vision is to build a channel ecosystem, assisting the channel to drive transparency, through a common interface. The company also plans to expand it’s compliance tools to assist hardware, software and SaaS vendors improve accountability and overall representation of their products and services within their channels.

iasset.com’s services are unique and innovative as some of it actually carry the company signature


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Scott Frew, President and CEO

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