eShipGlobal: A Single View Into Global Shipping Activities

To  meet the ever-increasing challenges of complex logistics, compliance, import and export, and to enable organizations to make informed decisions, easy accessibility of real-time information is necessary. eShipGlobal, launched in 1999, provides businesses with an integrated shipping management solution that permits departments in any location to price, ship, track, and optimize important multi-carrier shipments over the internet via an easy-to-access hosted application. It enables users to select the best shipping option available and helps drive compliance with company-wide policies and practices.

eShipGlobal provides shipping software solutions for large and small businesses across the globe, delivering software as a service (SaaS) with no upfront licensing or subscription fee. The company’s web-based technology helps improve supply chain performance, enhance logistics, and significantly reduce shipping costs for its customers. With eShipGlobal and eShipLab, the company’s two web-based shipping services, shippers can save time and money, improve efficiency, and reduce shipping risks, all while going green.

eShipLab ensures compliance when shipping hazardous or dangerous goods materials as well as safety when receiving them. Its strict, web-based shipping process ensures that only authorized and properly trained users can ship packages. It also ensures that those packages meet all regulatory requirements. Another on-demand, integrated solution of eShipGlobal is transportation management solutions. It is a low-risk, low-cost solution that provides real-time visibility into all global shipping activities of clients, and it can be integrated into a company’s existing ERP system. The software sorts through clients’ current shipping contracts, allowing them to compare prices in a single view and make the best decision for their package based on delivery time and contract price.

While traditional transportation management software focuses on dock-level execution, eShipGlobal’s enterprise transportation management solution (TMS) goes beyond this and is designed with the entire enterprise in mind, powering multiple warehouses and distribution centers from a hosted solution behind the client’s firewall.
From simple, traditional multi-carrier operations to high-volume, highly automated shipping enterprises, the TMS application offers a full-service shipping solution that can be integrated into a client’s business flow, leading to complete shipping automation.

"eShipGlobal is the shipping management solutions company that offers a one-stop, integrated solution for shipping small parcels, freight, and hazardous goods via major U.S. carriers to virtually any destination worldwide," said Srini Vasan, CEO at eShipGlobal.

The company’s software creates transparency in the supply chain, ensuring that every party involved gets the same information at the same time. Companies across the globe and universities comprise the clientele of eShipGlobal, with the broad list including Yale University, Acer International, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Winstead PC, Aleris International, Mitsubishi, and the University of Texas.

As a move toward enhancing its software, eShipGlobal has entered into a partnership with Visual Compliance, a provider of SaaS-based global trade management solutions (GTM). eShipGlobal aspires to provide customers with comprehensive and integrated transportation management solutions with import and export compliance as well as inventory management for both inbound and outbound shipments. The integrated solutions will enable customers to have a global-footprint, collaborative, on-demand single view of their global supply chain with greater visibility that facilitates more effective decisions, better collaboration with suppliers, increased productivity, and a decreased time to market.

With eShipGlobal services, shippers can save time and money, improve efficiency, and reduce shipping risks, all while going green




Irving, Tx

Srini Vasan, CEO

Delivering software as a service (SaaS) with no upfront licensing or subscription fee to meet transportation needs.