DreamOrbit: Delivering Value Through Agile Processes

CIO VendorSanchit Jain, CEO
The logistics and supply chain industry today is in a state of transition. The developing global economy on one hand offers massive growth potentials across international boundaries, and on the other hand it brings into play the complexities arising from intricate supply chains, increased operating costs, and strict regulatory demands for the logistics service providers. A new breed of technology solutions is the key to solving some of these complex challenges in the logistics business. These solutions must be agile and flexible to adopt new business models and offer clear visibility of the entire supply chain.

DreamOrbit, founded in 2010, is a software product engineering company that helps enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) build innovative solutions that are cross-platform enabled and work on a cloud-based delivery model. The company designs and develops robust software with built-in quality in an engagement model that accelerates development speed and guarantees results across industries.

The company provides services across the entire supply chain and logistics gamut. Today, businesses worldwide are trying to optimize supply chains, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and reduce the cost of transportation. DreamOrbit, with its fully integrated custom-built supply chain management solutions, facilitates businesses to reduce operational cost, improve performance, and increase customer satisfaction levels. It provides consulting services to logistics and supply chain businesses to move them to the green best practices through streamlining of their operations using technology, thereby ensuring more revenue at reduced cost and reduced pollution levels.

“We bring to our customers the rare combination of technology as well as the knowledge of the best practices of the logistics business. Our core team has many years of experience in developing quality software for logistics services providers, including freight management, supply chain management, carrier EDI integration, and various modes of shipping,” says Sanchit Jain, CEO at DreamOrbit.
DreamOrbit also focuses on the retail industry and provides custom-designed software solutions for the supply chain industry that equips retailers with effective order management, improved inventory management, efficient invoice management, customized logistics and transportation management, and advanced warehouse management.

DreamOrbit eases operations and management of logistics and transportation businesses through technology solutions. For instance, a company that provides air freight solutions needed an air freight forwarding application that would give the current data about cargo companies and their prices. DreamOrbit’s solution helped solve the business needs of the company and provided the required insights about freight rates.

DreamOrbit enables freight and logistics technology solution providers to build scalable, robust products that can be easily customized and deployed for their customers. Its solutions help meet the enormous growth in the logistic industry via automated, value-added technology solutions to address complex supply chains for various industries. “We hire high-end product developers and train them on the complex workflows and best practices of the logistics and freight industry. Our customers therefore get to work with a value-based team which already has the domain knowledge, understand problems, and can help create innovative solutions,” says Jain.

Providing a rare combination of technology as well as the knowledge of the best practices of the logistics business


Wilmington, DE

Sanchit Jain, CEO

Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Solutions for an industry in transition.