Coyote Logistics: Better Experience To The Transportation Industry

Jeff Silver, CEO
Every product has been on a truck or train at some point and Coyote Logistics, headquartered in Chicago, IL specializes in how these products ends up where it needs to be. Coyote is a third-party logistics (3PL) company, coordinating the movement of massive amounts of freight across North America for shippers of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Coyote offers supply chain service to shippers and is a 3PL source for multimodal variable freight capacity needs, networked consistent capacity solutions, Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM), and supply chain outsourcing. Coyote’s technology is a web-based transportation management platform for carriers, shippers, and employees to have ultimate visibility of their loads. This technology allows automation of routine tasks for both internal and external users. Customers of Coyote can create distinct rules for routing guide management that avoid manual intervention and carriers can create rules for load acceptance, eliminating significant manual work.

The company provides ongoing analysis and optimization of end-to-end supply chain operations. Coyote overlays supply chains to eliminate real costs in terms of money and carbon emissions. To drive optimization, Coyote has structured its capacity organization to maximize backhaul opportunities, build strong relationships, and closely track and predict spot market rate fluctuations. It specializes in fleet backhaul, using customers’ trucks to transport other customers’ loads on return trips, reducing empty miles and carbon emissions. Coyote’s optimized supply chain solutions allow multiple shippers to combine networks, giving them access to networks of all sizes across North America, making the process of supply chain an efficient one.
Another technology introduced by the company is CoyoteGO, first mobile app for driver dispatch. CoyoteGO is a free, convenient, and efficient way for drivers to be in touch with Coyote at all times.The application is available on Android and iPhone devices for free download. Coyote also offers text and tracking programs to enable its customers with an easy and convenient way to track loads through text messaging and cell phone location services.

Coyote tracking is an easy way to provide location updates without making any phone calls.

Coyote invests in the future -we call this smarter logistics

Coyote provides customized reporting for its customers based on individual needs such as reports on tender acceptance, performance summaries, and lane data. The company’s Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM) customers receive reports on routing guide optimization and noncompliance - quantifying total additional spend above the target spend.

Coyote works as an extension of its customers’ logistics arm, providing services for all consultative, executional, and transactional supply chain needs. The centralized freight-moving model offered by Coyote is the new standard for the transportation industry. “Our vision is to position Coyote as the largest, fully scaled, centralized network in North America. Coyote invests in the future -we call this smarter logistics,” says Jeff Silver, CEO at Coyote.


Chicago, IL

Jeff Silver, CEO

Coordinating the movement of massive amounts of freight for shippers of all sizes in a variety of industries.