Catapult International: Centralized Rate Hub To Manage Freight Spend

Matt Motsick, CEO
“How can shippers and forwarders retrieve their best option shipping rates within seconds?”

The question bugged Matt Motsick and Bryan Luttrell, and it propelled them to start Catapult International —a company that offers clients a Web-based platform for shipping rate management. Catapult serves as a central repository of ocean, air and ground freight rates for companies on a global scale. The company provides freight rate technology solutions for both freight forwarders and multinational companies worldwide. Catapult’s QMS application serves as the ultimate solution for international air and ocean pricing, rating and freight auditing. Catapult also specializes in file transfers and Web services as a middleware provider of data.

Catapult QMS is a cloud-based software application with the ability to house all transportation rates, be it domestic or international, in one location. The company’s application can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which makes it a sought-after application by multinational companies. Catapult’s hosted website, QMS Lite, serves as an easy-to-view, online shipping rate calculator. It allows the user to enter origin, destination and mode; and rates are returned in seconds. “Our software system saves valuable time and resources by automating the carrier selection and freight bill auditing processes through a centralized rate hub so everyone can access the same information,” says Matt Motsick, CEO at Catapult International.

To align with the trend of industries moving toward Big Data and analytics, Catapult has developed an IT hardware infrastructure using both relational and analytical servers.

Serving as a central repository of ocean, air, and ground freight rates for companies across the globe

The company facilitates information retrieval and data management so that companies can avoid wasting time on different spreadsheet formats. Catapult’s clients are spread across the world and come from different industries. ITT Corporation, a supplier of pumps and systems to transport, treat and control water and other fluids, had 400 freight forwarders worldwide, which created a lot of incongruent data on shipping rates. ITT, therefore, reached out to Catapult International to combine all of its service providers’ rates in one Web-based system. Catapult provided its client with a common Web access portal so that all offices could see their best cost provider through ITT’s centralized transportation pricing system.

Catapult’s newest software, Spring Board will prove to be an ‘industry disruptor’ in the international logistics market. The software will be the industry's first automated mapping program to solve the RFQ sheet completion headaches. It is built in a way that allows users to take any bid format, map it to a rate engine, and then automatically feed the data back to the customer's format. The company remains at the forefront of innovation, as it constantly enhances its systems with suggestions that come from current clients. Catapult International is definitely at the forefront of cost savings in the shipping industry.

Catapult International

Lenexa, KS

Matt Motsick, CEO

Providing freight rate technology solutions for both freight forwarders and multi-national companies worldwide.