Broussard Logistics: Proactively Reducing Freight Costs

Paul L. Broussard, Co-Founder & President
Thirty years ago Paul and Steve Broussard, co-founders of Broussard Logistics, decided to leverage their transportation knowledge to help companies move equipment and products and better manage their freight. Since then, Broussard Logistics has been providing logistics solutions to small and medium businesses. The company focuses on proactively reducing freight costs, strengthening controls and providing access to critical and actionable transportation information through its leading-edge technology systems.

The company presents an array of services to choose from allowing the customers to pick the exact services appropriate for their business. The company’s professionals have the expertise to evaluate current methods of routing freight by the customers. They offer services ranging from logistics analysis to help alleviate problem areas in transportation; transportation sourcing to help find the most appropriate mode and level of service for the urgency of the shipment; transportation routing to supply ‘best possible fit’ routing instructions; supply chain compliance to compare freight bills to clients’ routing requirements in order to determine conformance to their specific needs; transportation consulting to improve work processes and achieve business results; to inbound freight management that helps effectively manage the inbound flow of material and information.

Broussard provides services across a diverse range of industries. Manufacturing companies are often concerned about inbound and outbound freight costs. Broussard helps manage these costs by leveraging expertise, providing visibility of costs for all decision-makers, using technology and introducing best practices reporting. Distribution companies employ a wide range of models for managing freight expenses. Customer satisfaction is absolutely critical for them because their entire business model is built around the supply chain. The Broussard comprehensive logistics management program helps distributors to optimize their supply chain efficiency, leading to happier and satisfied customers. Retail companies deal with inbound transportation and freight costs that fluctuate.
Broussard allocates cost to efficiently match retailer’s ERP information with the freight vendor’s information and supplier compliance requirements to effectively manage the process and streamline a critical function for its Matching actual data on shipment documentation to an internal receipt system, can pose an administrative burden.For services firms, freight is a pure expense.

Broussard helps reduce line-item expenses and increase the firm’s profit margin.In the manufacturing vertical, Farber Sales and Wynn & Graff, providers of upholstery fabric, merged and headquartered in Nashville, TN in November of 1999. Farber engaged Broussard to keep shipping costs low on behalf of their customers.

Part of their challenge is that none of their inbound freight is in full truckload quantities.

Broussard provides visibility through the entire supply chain process

Their business model does not justify bringing in that much inventory at one time. In the six months since Farber and Broussard began working as strategic partners, the savings have been significant. “Broussard has delivered. The savings have far exceeded their promise of 31 percent and reached closer to 45-50 percent. And with the visibility that Broussard’s solution has provided, we’ve saved time in the process,” says Jim Henshaw, President of Farber Sales.

“Broussard provides visibility through the entire supply chain process. The company ’close the loop’ allowing clients to use technology to track product status from order to customer. Its solutions allow clients to not only get the best pricing from multiple carriers, but it also includes transit time in bids so clients can make an informed decision. And finally, Broussard makes money only when your company saves money, through a ’shared savings’ model,” says Paul L. Broussard, President of Broussard.

Broussard Logistics

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Paul L. Broussard, Co-Founder & President

Providing logistics solutions to small and medium businesses.