BravoSolution: Excellence In Supply Management

Nader Sabbaghian, CEO
Every company’s strategic objectives are different and therefore supply management executives are uniquely positioned in their organization to provide a deep understanding of what drives the business’ success. BravoSolution, headquartered in Milan, Italy, offers software, practice innovation and expertise to these organizations to ensure strategic objectives that drive business growth. BravoSolution works with supply management to address each business’ unique processes, stakeholders and goals to deliver tailored solutions across the entire supply management cycle.

BravoSolution offers powerful tools and solutions for every aspect of supply management ranging from spend analysis, e-sourcing, supplier performance management and contract management software and services, collaborative sourcing, strategic services, adoption services, and government solutions. The company does not stand for ‘one-size-fits-all sourcing’ and therefore creates tools that can be adapted and customized for unique sourcing environments. BravoSoluion offer solutions that can adapt and mature over time as client’s business needs evolve.

The companny delivers an end-to end suite that helps clients balance price, performance and risk, to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. BravoSolution’s tools and consulting services are available independently, or as an integrated offering. These tools and services help organizations to document best practices and keep track of every step of their sourcing process in order to reduce errors and create a living record for subsequent events. The company gives solutions to analyze spending patterns, monitor compliance and identify sourcing opportunities; it delivers the right tools for creating, collaborating, publishing, negotiating and analyzing auctions no matter their size or complexity. Automated programs to proactively measure and report on vendor performance are also made possible using scorecards, performance alerts and repeatable vendor management plans. BravoSolution’s services help reduce sourcing and contracting cycle times, and support compliance efforts by standardizing price and item data for use in spend analysis and negotiations.
By combining technology and expertise, BravoSolution gives sourcing teams visibility and flexibility to make choices based on the best allocations of their business, balancing suppliers’ pricing and capabilities with buyer business constraints and preferences.

BravoSolution offers software and services to fit the needs of today’s sophisticated supply management organizations

BravoSolution effectively coordinates the people, processes and tools required to align supply management's performance with each client's unique strategic objectives. For instance, Premier Healthcare Alliance, serving numerous U.S. hospitals and healthcare sites, introduced QualityAdvisor, an innovative solution that can help hospitals analyze opportunities for improving the quality of patient care and accelerate the path to sustainable change. Premier’s Informatics team set an aggressive timeline for widespread adoption and user acceptance of QualityAdvisor. Premier turned to BravoSolution whose team accelerated their success by using a commonly recognized framework for driving change management that resulted in 23 percent of Premier member facilities migrating to QualityAdvisor, and 50 percent of users being trained.

BravoSolution has rolled out new category management and savings- tracking functionality within its spend management platform. The new upgrades give procurement teams more control by providing a single repository for gathering, evaluating and collaborating on savings initiatives. “BravoSolution offers software and services to fit the needs of today’s sophisticated supply management organizations. Our services organization delivers lean and targeted services to support strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives. Our software toolkit supports the full supply management lifecycle across a myriad of industries, geographies and business models and puts control back in the hands of category managers,” says Nader Sabbaghian, CEO at BravoSolution.


Milan, Italy

Nader Sabbaghian, CEO

Offers powerful tools and solutions for every aspect of supply chain managemen.