Regional Carriers:A Sound Shipping Strategy to Control Transportation Costs

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Regional Carriers:A Sound Shipping Strategy to Control Transportation Costs

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits that can be realized by adding regional carriers to your portfolio including reduced operational costs. Savvy companies are meeting the demands of increasingly dynamic delivery network and gaining a huge advantage by adding regional carriers to their distribution network in reducing the transportation costs.

And the result? Flexible, reliable delivery options - often at a significantly lower operational cost.

In this whitepaper, you’ll find useful information on what to expect from regional carriers, and how you can use their services to build a dynamic carrier network that can be adapted to changes in business.

  • How can you control the transportation costs by using the regional carriers?

  • How do regional carriers add up when compared to national carriers?

  • How to manage regional carriers in the distribution network for cheaper delivery and lower operational costs?

  • Do the regional carriers offer the same kinds of value-added services and technology capabilities offered by your other carriers?

Read this informative whitepaper which will guide you in evaluating regional carriers for your distribution network by reducing the transportation costs. It enlists:

  • Characteristics of regional carriers

  • Advantages of using regional carriers

  • The Bottom Line: Choose carriers who treat your business as carefully as you do

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