20 Most Promising Logistics Consulting Providers 2014

Company Name Description
Applied Data Consultants Provides cost-effective logistics solutions and products to tackle the technological challenges and render visibility into the supply chain
Bahwan CyberTek Helps organizations handle key logistics challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership
D.W. Morgan Providing real-time information and strategic consulting by providing Supply On Demand for customers
Global4PL Global4PL is a supply chain solutions provider that specializes in helping companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and demonstrate total supply chain costs
JBF Consulting Assessment, selection and delivery of Supply Chain Systems, from toptier packaged software vendors
Mercury Provides real-time information based consultancy merged with IT expertise for efficient fleet management and operation
nuVizz An Enterprise Mobile Solution and a Supply Chain services provider
Solutions4Business A management consulting firm dealing with building innovative business strategy and supply chain strategy leveraging technology
Streamline Technologies Providing professional services to companies to help integrate new technologies with the broader corporate infrastructure
TACG A company that provides Logistics and Supply Chain Services, Enterprise Services, Engineering Services, and Acquisition and Program Management Services