Migrating To Centralized ERP Solutions Is Key To Be Competitive

Thomas Musgrave, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, AmeriCold Logistics

Thomas Musgrave, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, AmeriCold Logistics

Biggest challenge in technology to meet the challenges of logistics sector

Our biggest challenge is the coherent consolidation of the various technology platforms to deliver solutions from both internal and customer view. While there are effective off-the shelf systems that provide the software we need as a component basis (such as Red Prairie, SAP, EDI, billing, transportation, business warehouse, etc.), each touch point where they interface can be a potential for a failure or breakdown. We would like to see our vendors provide truly seamless integration.

Technologies that give competitive edge within the logistics sector

We have great software for basic or black box functions, but these systems are also available to our competitors. Making these various systems work together and understanding how each system can enhance our business is what differentiates us and this will continue to be a constant challenge. We need to remain flexible because our customers continually change their models and increase their demands of their logistics providers. Additionally, as many large customers are migrating to centralized ERP solutions our ability to interface easily and add value to their investments is a key to being competitive. We need to utilize our software to give our customers a total view of their supply chain. In that regard, data mining/reporting would be a big benefit for our clients. Our data and transparency sets us apart from our competitors.

Several pain points within the enterprise for which solutions do not exist yet and if existed would make your job easier

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